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3 years ago

Swagguer Ui Layout

Hi, I've used the swagger ui a fair bit recently and it's working well.  I've recently created a new visual studio project, run swagger and the ui is looking odd:


the api endpoint name (under the coloured GET/POST etc) are all single characters on each line, so the name forms a vertical line instead of horizontal.  Hard to explain so I've included a screenshot.  All the endpoints are the same for this project.  They all work ok, it's just hard to look at.


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  • hey ehwright that is odd!!


    I have seen it before, a long time ago. But I completely forget what the reason was. 


    Could you try with the OpenAPI definition loaded into and see if the issue exists there? 

    If it doesn't, you may need to update to the latest version of SwaggerUI.


    If it is visible there, then  could you please share the OpenAPI definition that can reproduce the issue? It'll help us identify what is occuring.


    To see what version of SwaggerUI you are using, you can go into the DevTools/Console of your browser and inspect the window.versions variable. 

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    ehwright can you please check where the JavaScript and CSS files are loaded from? We've seen this issue happen when JS & CSS assets were loaded from a third-party server such as a CDN and that server had an old or mismatching vesion of those assets.


    Try also clearing your browser cache and see if it helps.