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2 years ago

Swagger Editor incorrectly identifying API paths as duplicates

I have been using SwaggerHub Editor to resolve issues with my service's swagger 2.0 configuration so that we can upgrade to OpenAPI, and SwaggerHub Editor has mistakenly marked 4 unique API paths as duplicates of each other which is blocking our progress for making our swagger page compliant and resolving security issues. Also these API's are old and used across a wide range of services, so we can't easily update the API paths for this issue.


However something that I have found is that when I take the the dashes out of the API paths, they are no longer marked as duplicates. (Probably a bug in the string comparison logic)

Falsely marked API paths as duplicates:
LakeCurrentPath_SubjectArea_GET = "~/1.0/ALS/lake-latest-path/{fiscalYear:int}/{entityLakeReferenceName}/{subjectArea}/get"

LakePathByDate_SubjectArea_GET = "~/1.0/ALS/lake-path-by-date/{fiscalYear:int}/{entityLakeReferenceName}/{subjectArea}/get"

LakePathByRunId_SubjectArea_GET = "~/1.0/ALS/lake-path-by-runid/{fiscalYear:int}/{entityLakeReferenceName}/{subjectArea}/get"

LakeUTDPath_SubjectArea_GET = "~/1.0/ALS/lake-utd-path/{fiscalYear:int}/{entityLakeReferenceName}/{subjectArea}/get"


Please let me know how to get this issue resolved as this is blocking us from resolving high risk security issues. 

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