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6 years ago

Swagger Authentication hardcoded options

I was wondering if anyone has found a way when using swagger-ui to have some hardcoded authentication options. My vision of this would be to navigate to your swagger-ui and when you click the green "Authorize" button rather than a empty box showing up you could get a couple clickable options to choose from. The reason this would help me is because number one I want my swagger documentation to be as easy to use as possible so other devs on my team will see it as a asset. I also don't want the people integrating with my API to have to worry about where to get their JWT from in order to use my swagger-ui. And lastly depending on the type of information and what you are doing with it you will need different JWT's, so rather than having to enter a massive JWT everytime a user needs permissions they could just click an option that holds the value of a certian JWT and be logged in that way.

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