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2 years ago

Show Downloadlink in api description

/// <summary>My endpoint description</summary>
/// <remarks>November 2022<br/>Help: <a href="./Help/procode-sdk-whitepaper.pdf">Helpfile PDF</a></remarks>
/// <param name="parameter1"></param>
/// <returns></returns>

Hi, this is an example of a description of my API method.
I have a pdf file in my C# ASP DOT NET CORE project that should be available on the swagger index.html page of my API.

But the "relative" path or something is wrong.
What am I doing wrong or what do I have to do to reach my goal?

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  • Hi flueken ,


    I don't have enough info to help, you might find more help on the .net support groups? 

    What I would look at is whether you can add that PDF to a resources folder that is hosted by your server and find it's URL. Then add that URL into your docs/swagger page. Hopefully that gives a pointer to investigate.