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6 years ago

"Should not have additional property" error even though I am following the example

Hello everyone, i am trying to add schema and I keep getting error that I have additional property even though I am following the pattern which has been shown here on the website

I am trying to add schema the following way as shown here on swagger site

The 2nd picture shows my error. Can you please tell me why I am getting error and how to fix it.




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  • Is it possible you're using Swagger 2.0? The example you shared is for OpenAPI 3, but the rest of the content of the definition you shared suggests it's Swagger 2.0.

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      wow, that does make sense. How do I update to latest swagger.


      And also can you tell me one more thing. Can we add like a text box in our description. I am trying to show an example of a json file content and want it to stand out. So is there a way to add a text box as such which stands out like a schema conent. 




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        You can use to convert from 2.0 to 3.0. We're hoping to have that integrated into the editor soon.


        As for description fields - they support markdown, so they can be styled however you wish.