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6 years ago

OAS 3 and JDK 1.8

I have an integration of Swagger 2 annotations (code annotated with swagger annotations) with JDK 1.7 working. However I want to move to OAS 3 as it offeres a richer set of annoations. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my project cannot migrate from JDK 1.7 to JDK 1.8. OAS 3.0 is using JDK 1.8, and at run-time I get the version 52 issue. Is there a way around this issue?



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  • Unfortunately, no. Starting Swagger-Core 2.X, which supports OAS3, we've dropped support for Java 7, as it was long after its EOL status. The only course of action is to move to Java 8 or later.