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3 years ago

New version of codegen with more protocol

Hello, I am working on a new project to create a new version of codeGen but with a different protocol (COAP) and new data representation (CBOR).


but I have some problems and some question before to go more deeply:

  • Does the swagger API specification (OAS) will accept the new protocol in his schema or I should have a new version too?
  • when I want to replace the libraries of HTTP and JSON in the Mustache templates and replace them with COAP and JSON libraries (founded or I should create it) in this case I should replace the other libraries that related to old ones or what about this point?
  • Any Notice or advice related to my work, that will be great and I will be thankful.

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    I think, the new version of codegen improved the processing of several field loop expressions related to date and time fields, which were in some cases producing inaccurate results for nullable time fields. And, re-worked the implementation of code generation based on an xfServerPlus Synergy Method Catalog, bringing the implementation in line with the way that repository-based code generation works. Method catalog based code generation can now also be completely driven via the CodeGen API.