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4 years ago

Multiple versions with different parameters from the same yaml file



I have an API documentation, which looks like this:


        - $ref'#/parameters/<parameter_1>'
        - $ref: '#/parameters/<parameter_2>'
        - $ref: '#/parameters/<parameter_3>'
        - ...
The API is used by internal and external sources. We want to hide some parameters from the external sources. So in this example, what I want is to create 2 different HTML page from the same source code (yaml file):
  1. "internal" HTML, which contains every parameter for the API endpoint
  2. "external" HTML, which contains only some of the parameters for the API endpoit (in this case, it would only contain parameter_1 and parameter_3, but not parameter_2).

How can I do this without copy-pasting the same YAML code over and over again?


Thanks in advance!

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