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5 years ago

Mandatory/Conditional/Optional Fields

HI, I need help to create json schema with mandatory/conditional/optional field. For mandatory i am taking it inside "required". Those fields which are not under "required" will consider as "optional" 


But question is, how should i mention the fileds which are conditional. Meaning, there would be feilds which are optional but mandatory in case of dependant feild. 



There is object "services" and string is "name"

"code" string should come in case of "name" 


how can i show "code" in json schema? 

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  • There's no way to define conditional fields directly. What you can do is build a schema that's built of several schemas, using keywords like 'allOf', 'oneOf', 'anyOf' and 'not', to build sub-cases for the conditions. By doing that, you can say, for example, that if field X is defined, then fields Y and Z are required, whereas in other cases they are optional.