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6 years ago

Is it possible to create multiple Swagger document URLs?

have a website which is using Web API 2 and I am using Swashbuckle Swagger to generate API documentation and export the JSON configuration for Azure API Management. In my scenario it would be ideal if the APIs could be grouped by a value defined in the Swagger document URL ({my-api-group}). However, after some research I could not find a way to implement this.

From what I can understand, at the moment in order for me to change the Swagger export file, I need to restart the environment each time there is a change and this is not ideal in my scenario.

I have tried to see if I can get the open source code from the NuGet package to see if I could understand the inner workings of Swashbuckle. Furthermore, I am aware that this can be achieved using "Swashbuckle.AspNetCore", but this is not an option since I am integrating this feature in a big .NET Framework solution which would be a staggering task to accomplish.

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    Yeah have been researching on it since a long time..I hope someone posts an accurate solution here....So just be patient uptill then dqfansurvey

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      This question is related more to the library you use rather than Swagger itself. Swashbuckle and the lot are not ours and we don't maintain them, meaning we don't know them well enough to provide guidance. You may have better odds of fiinding a solution by submitting a ticket with the related project.