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6 years ago

How to request API Version


What i want to do is, I want to ask Swagger "What is the Version of this API?". Is that possible?




I'm talkig about this Version:



Which is set in SwaggerConfig:


c.SingleApiVersion(string.Format(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, "v{0}", version), title);

Is there not something like swagger/metadata or swagger/versioninfo?


I know that it is written in the Swagger UI but I need something that i can consume in Code.


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    May be possible provide there exists a respective method.
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    Hi Toterbiber,


    It looks like you are using Swashbuckle. Swashbuckle is not one of our projects so our ability to provide assistance for it is limited. It's best to ask Swashbuckle questions in the project repository at so that the community there can help you.