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5 years ago

Getting Information like Parameters/Payload of a service from its Swagger definition (via API ?)

Hi Guys,

I'm new to Swagger and wanted to ask you some questions. I hope you can help.

Im planing on building a tool that can test Services via APIs by generating the needed API call with Payload and setting all parameters in a GUI. All services are or will be documented in/with (not sure whats the right saying) swagger.

So I wanted to ask if theres the possibility to get all implemented parameters (Payload/Path/Query) for the in swagger documented API from swagger directly. (Like with an API of swagger).
I hope you understand.
I want to implement that my tool knows dynamiclly from the swagger definition which parameters are mandatory/possible for the specific service the user want to test.

In my imagination the user choses a service and the tool calls an API of swagger to the documented service and swagger will return all needed parameters/objects/..
So I dont have to hard code the implementation of a service..Instead its always up to date!

Thank you in advance!

Greeting Ben aka LordeK


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