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3 years ago

Does Swagger Editor supports Multiparts Custom Headers ?

Hi all !

I'm using swagger Editor v3.16.3.
I tried the sample of code from in order to add custom headers to my file parts.

The custom header is not displayed in the try-out area of swagger ui, and is not sent at all.


Could you tell me if it is due to the swagger editor I'm using ?


Also the final goal was to send the Content-Length Header for each part of the form. Do you have any better advice to achieve this ?


Thanks in advance,





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    Hi jberger,


    Custom headers defined in the "encoding" attribute are not supported in "try it out" yet. You can follow this issue for status updates:


    As for Content-Length, RFC 7578 says:


    The multipart/form-data media type does not support any MIME header fields in parts other than Content-Type, Content-Disposition, and (in limited circumstances) Content-Transfer-Encoding. Other header fields MUST NOT be included and MUST be ignored.


    so this is not supported.