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2 years ago

Descriptions of Object(A) and Array of Object(A) overriding each other

I am currently having an issue that the Schema description of 'Object(A)' is overwritten by a later Schema for 'Array of Object(A)'. Is there any way to declare that these two descriptions are for different objects/things, and therefore should not be overwriting each other?

I am using the following classpath: "io.swagger.core.v3:swagger-gradle-plugin:2.2.0",

with the following dependencies:
 - dependency 'io.swagger.core.v3:swagger-core:2.2.0'
 - dependency 'io.swagger.core.v3:swagger-annotations:2.2.0'
 - dependency 'io.swagger.core.v3:swagger-jaxrs2:2.2.0'
 - dependency 'io.swagger.parser.v3:swagger-parser:2.0.32'


Does anyone know any sort of work-around or fix for this? Or a way to uniquely identify the two so that they are not "compared and overwritten" by the last schema object using A ?

Since this is an annoying bug/flaw in documentation.

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