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5 years ago

A better editor?

OK, been writing my own docs for programming and various technologies like APIs or importable classes/libraries for 30 years, heck I teach students how to do it... but the New Boss has mandated that we start documenting our REST stuff (and maybe generating stub code) with Swagger.  


So I've got my hub account and I've looked at the album artists example and I've managed to cobble together something that actually matches a real API end point (very simple one, one get and one post) for a project I'm currently working on.  Haven't even gotten to trying to export stub code, etc.  Just using the editor and playing with syntax.


My issue... the web hub editor sucks.   Web editors in general do, since browser hot keys often interfere with what I'm used to doing in an IDE or even in just a plain text editor.  Being forced to work in vi with no console mouse/gpm support would be almost preferable to using the web editor.  At least then I'd know the keyboard shortcuts... 


So... looking for either a stand-alone editor (win10 at work, Linux at home) that is not just a re-packaged web-app (and no,  a plain text editor should not require a webserver!), or a plugin for Notepad++ (or Geany) or a plugin for our Eclipse-based IDE.  All the typical features are requested of course - syntax highlighting, auto-complete of key words, linting would be nice, and if the langauge depends on white space then an auto-format that is text-based-syntax aware.



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