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6 years ago

Why am I getting this extra post option here? See image

So I do have the Authenticate method but the blank one where is that coming from?  My other controlers don't have that happening to them.

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  • Hi MrSmoofy,


    It looks like you're using an old version of Swagger-UI and this is not really a SwaggerHub question, but I'll try to assist. What you end up seeing in the UI is what your application is reporting to be part of your API.


    Which framework do you use for your API? Which library do you use to integrate Swagger?

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      Thanks, Ron.  Yes, I'm new to swagger. When I clicked on getting community help from this is where I ended up and being new I was not sure where to post questions so I apologize if I've posted twice now in the wrong location.


      This is a VS 2017 C# Web API .NET Framework project with .NET 4.7.2

      Yes, it's with Swashbuckler as when I looked around to how to install Swagger in my project that's the path Google led me down.   If you have a better reference on what I need to do here I'm open to it.  Thanks for your help.

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        No worries at all, nothing to apologize for. Being new to this world can be confusing and it can take time to find the right resources.


        Swashbuckle is not one of our projects so our ability to provide direct assistance for it is limited. You can find more information about it at - and it's best to file an issue there so that community can help.