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2 years ago

Unable to start the installation

I am trying to start the installation but getting error:
Command: kubectl kots install swaggerhub --namespace swaggerhub







  • Deploying Admin Console

    • Creating namespace ✓  

    • Waiting for datastore to be ready ✓  

Error: Failed to deploy: failed to deploy admin console: failed to wait for minio: timeout waiting for kotsadm-minio pod. Use the --wait-duration flag to increase timeout.






Can someone please tell me where is the problem?

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    Hi, Sorry for the late response which causes this installation in pending, and now I started again. 

    After starting the installation on AWS, running 'kubectl get pods':

    kotsadm-minio-0      0/1     Pending   0          4d21h

    kotsadm-postgres-0   0/1     Pending   0          4d18h

    kotsadm-rqlite-0     0/1     Pending   0          4d21h

    Some additional information regarding the Kubernetes version, 'kubectl version --short':

    Client Version: v1.25.2

    Kustomize Version: v4.5.7

    Server Version: v1.23.13-eks-fb459a0