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2 years ago

SwaggerHub trial license


I have setup swaggerHub from azure marketplace for a trial purpose but it need a license for that. I have created a free account but doesn't received any license key. Also raise a ticket but nobody bother to response. Is there any way to get the trial license to evaluate this product? There is very limited information on azure marketplace that what version of swaggerHub is there. Any clue for a version?

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  • Hello there,


    The easiest path to get up and running will be to come in through >  


    Here you will be able to create a SaaS SwaggerHub Trial account.


    The Azure offering is for our On-premise version of SwaggerHub and this version is for 1.29 which is now out of support as we have a new On-Premise deployment option using Kubernetes. If it is our On-Premise solution you would like to trial please use the option for Enterprise Plans in the link provided above.


    Looking forward to working with you.


    Laura Kennedy

    Senior Manager, Product Management.