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4 years ago

SWAGGERHUB Integration with GITLAB



I have some issues with SwaggerHub-Gitlab integration and I will need some advice from your.

Long story short: the CREATE AND EXEBUTE or CREATE buttons are not available, but if I press UPDATE button I see for less the a second a message like “updating form”.


I’ve read the documentation from but I wan not able to succeed doing those steps.



  1. 1. I have a access token/personal token from GitLab.
  2. 2. In the Admin Center I had to add in the GitHub section because is mandatory to add something. Is it ok? What can I add here if we use GitLab?
  3. 3. From the Swaggerhub server I have a connection to my (checked with ping command)
  4. 4. My GitLab project is public and I have also admin rights on Gitlab, so I suppose the token has all the permissions. 
  5. 5. I’ve tested also with a and a account and some result. Not able to integrated with SwaggerHub.

If you need i can provide also the logs generated by Admin Center.


Many thanks!


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  • Hello,


    It would be best to log this with our support team so we can take a look at the logs. It sounds like you are an On-Premise customer.


    Please provide the diagnostic logs from the Admin Center after reproducing the issue again and also a TimeStamp so we know where to check in the logs .


    We would also like to know which version you are running and whether this issue has only started to occur for you and were you successful in using the integration prior to this.


    Please open a support ticket so our team can help you troubleshoot the issue: and attach your system logs (Admin Center > System > Download Diagnostic Data) to the ticket.



    Laura Kennedy