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3 years ago

Swaggerhub date exported without quotes using yaml resolved option

Hoping someone might have an answer for this weird yaml resolved export issue.


We have a standard date field defined as follows:



   type: string

   description: Birth Date

   format: date


Then we have an Example/Sample of the API with this field in it farther below, as follows:


BirthDate: "1929-09-14"


When we export using the YAML Resolved option, the quotes get removed which then causes issues when we try to either re-import it or use our local Swagger Editor.


Any ideas on why this is happening? We are inclined to think this is a bug...




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  • Can you please open a ticket for this with our support department for this issue? You can reach them here: Open a case - they will be able to analyze this and if needed report it to development.