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2 years ago

Swagger example for multipart/form-data sending file in body

I am trying to add an example in "examples.json" external file a swagger.yaml. Until now for PUT/POST I have:

"path": "/api/books/{id}",
"method": "PUT",
"examples": [
"name": "Update book with file.",
"url": "/api/book/8b7hhhd9-a21b-3m2l-k384-ck88d8b84h51",
"description": "Updates book with ID 8b7dbbb0-a43f-4c6c-a339-cf11b8b04f72 with provided file.",
"body": "-----12345W\r\nContent-Disposition=form-data; name=\"data\"\r\n\r\nUUHHGT5Y\r\n-----12345\r\n",
"headers": {
"Content-Type": "multipart/form-data; boundary=-----12345"


and even if I remove "body" parameter or change it, all I get is this error:


have following errors - parameter 'body': 'multipart: NextPart: EOF'

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  •       examples: 
              summary: A foo example
              value: {"foo": "bar"}
              summary: A bar example
              value: {"bar": "baz"}
              summary: This is an example in XML
              externalValue: ''
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      Thank you for your answer, but I don't understand where I can add this example. I was trying to add example in external file "examples.json". The code above should be added in "examples.json" or in swagger.yaml? And what section should I add it? In the responses or schema examples?

      Thank you

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        Hi andreiclara 

        the examples are defined under the components clause as shown here 

        look here for further examples.


        Another solution is to save your examples collection within a domain.
        In such case, your Domain is defining all your "reusable" definitions, under the components clause.

        For example:

        In the API file:


        In the Domain file:


        Let us know if it is enough clear