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7 years ago

Resolver error when an array references an object which in turn references a domain

We're getting the following error when referencing a domain - 

"Resolver error

Cannot read property '0' of undefined"


This is similar to what's found in other posts, but where we reference the domain we're using type: object, then we have a higher level reference to that property from an array. 

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  • Hi Eric!


    Thanks for taking the time to create an issue.

    Could you share you spec with the swaggerhub-support user? Or if its public, just the link so that we can see.

    Preferably both the Domain and the API - and we can help track down the issue.




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      Your support should now have access to our supportticket API spec and the domain it references.



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      Support, could you please confirm that you're able to access the API spec which is getting this error? Thanks

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        I am looking into your issue and have found the shared API spec.


        Did you also share the domain with us? Please do this as well so that we can investigate this effectively.