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3 years ago

My project is lost?

I can't find my project which is existed last week:


egyedfetsystemsAPI_SAVED{'auditData': '{'eventLog':{'owner':'fetsystems','name':'proxy','isPrivate':true,'version':'1.0.0','oasVersion':'3.0.0','status':200}}'}2021-12-21 07:50:57.379
egyedfetsystemsNEW_DRAFT_API{'auditData': '{'eventLog':{'owner':'fetsystems','name':'proxy','version':'1.0.0','status':200}}'}2021-12-21 07:50:51.838
egyedfetsystemsNEW_DRAFT_API{'auditData': '{'eventLog':{'owner':'fetsystems','name':'proxy','version':'1.0.0','status':200}}'}2021-12-21 07:50:38.398

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  • The same thing is happening to me. I can't find my project. Although if I access the API URLs I can get a response, therefore it still exists somewhere.
    Anyone any help?

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      I contacted support and they said they have problems with elasticsearch