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4 years ago

Integration (Github sync) tab seems to be missing in Domains


I am using Domains - and I have noticed it is possible to use the "Edit Github push" button in the top right corner:

This works fine - as long as I push directly to the master branch or some other branch that already exists.

According to the docs this seems to be deprecated:

I was hoping to use the new "Github sync" - but the tab is missing in my Domain:

Also - the "old" GitHub Push does not work as nicely as the new Github sync (located on all APIs). I would like - when pushing to GitHub to create a PR instead of pushing directly to master...

Is this possible? Where can I turn this feature "on" in my Domains?

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  • Hey HenrikHL. Unfortunately, SwaggerHub does not currently support integrations for domains. You aren't missing anything, the integrations tab won't be there for any domains.


    Regarding the fact that you can see GitHub Push on some of your domains, this is odd. It shouldn't be visible for Domains. Are you seeing this icon on all your Domains?

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      Yes - this is visible on all Domains 🙂


      Works like a charm - except for the fact that it always pushes directly to master...

      (Please don't remove this feature!!! And please add the GihHub sync feature to Domains)

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        Hey HenrikHL., good news, the GitHub Push on Domains isn't going anywhere any time soon. I spoke with the SwaggerHub team and what you're seeing is supposed to be there but, as the documentation correctly points out, it is deprecated.