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3 years ago

[Education] SwaggerHub API Owner - New Learning Course

Hi SwaggerHub Community!


Great news! We've just released a new learning course - SwaggerHub API Owner


This course covers the specifics of the Owner role in SwaggerHub. It explains how to set up and manage your organization, from how to set user access to configuring API governance.


Here's what you'll learn from the SwaggerHub API Owner course:

  • How to properly set up their organization based on their requirements.
  • How to organize and manage their users and teams accordingly.
  • How to set up SwaggerHub to enforce your team's API design guidelines and provide your users reusable components.
  • What the difference is between all the roles within SwaggerHub, and how their permissions apply to real use cases.

This course features a quiz at the end - if you complete it successfully, you'll get a course completion certificate. Don't forget to add the certificate to your LinkedIn/Twitter account and your portfolio!