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6 years ago

codegen aspnetcore build.bat fails


A customer has provided a swagger file for REST service for a project. (.yml)

I am new to swagger, and limited knowledge with REST.

I created an hub account, loaded the .yml file fine and can see the methods.

I used the export to Server, aspnetcore and got a zip file.


However, when I unzip the file and run the build.bat from an elevated CMD prompt it fails to build with;


Couldn't find 'project.json' in 'src\IO.Swagger'

The file doesn't exist when I check manually.


What I wanted to be able to do is build an aspnetcore project to allow me to build and test my client offline to their environment. I assume this is the best approach.


Any development I do is in VS using c#. Currently have VS2015 and VS2013.