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6 years ago

code generation documentation

The Export menu has two long lists of code generation options, one for Client SDK and one for Server Stub, each being just a name, such as android, haskell, csharp-dotnet2, etc.  Is there any documentation giving details such as the platforms each of these can build and run on and what dependencies they have?  That would be very helpful.  For instance, you have to export to the csharp-dotnet2 option and inspect the generated content to discover that it has a build file only for mono.  Or in the case of android, in which the name indicates the platform but not the language, what language is it using?  Thank you.

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    My suggestion for minimal documentation of these would be:

    1. platform(s)
    2. framework
    3. language
    4. any other dependencies

    (1), (2), and (3) should include any applicable versions.  For instance if .Net Core v2.0 is required, that should be stated as well.  Trial-and-error to get this kind of detail is a pain.