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6 years ago

A full day of work not saved?

I joined SwaggerHub 2 days ago and started work on an API that afternoon.


I spent several hours working on it yesterday.  (And, in case it is relevant, I converted it to OpenAPI 3.0 early in the day.)


This morning I was having issues with my laptop so I restarted it.  When I logged back into SwaggerHub all of my work from yesterday is gone.  What was saved was what I did on Monday afternoon; nothing from Tuesday.


What happened?  This is a very bad bug.

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  • Hi Matsmigh,


    Apologies for the unfortunate loss of work.  Can you let us know the organization you are using, and the name of your spec in SwaggerHub?  Also, do you know the time and day you last clicked the save button to save your spec in SwaggerHub?




    SmartBear Support

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      Hi, Marcus.


      The name of the organization is fnlcr-adultmatch.  The name of the spec is "PARP"
      I know that I clicked the save button several times throughout the day yesterday, the last time probably in the afternoon prior to 4pm.  Sorry I can't be more specific than that.


      Thank you!