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5 years ago

wsdl import gives error missing restriction or extension

I tried to create a new SOAP project and import a WSDL (created with GSOAP)

I get an error message "missing restriction or extension"


Is there any way of finding more details such as the element or line number?

Are there any tools for validating a WSDL?


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    Try opening it in browser.

    Best would be to check with your team or wsdl provider.
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      Following a search on the internet, I saw some recommendations that wsdl files can be validated in Eclipse.

      In fact Eclipse didn't give me any warnings abou the wsdl, but it did give me an error message about the xsd.

      The problem was caused by an element <complexContent> for a service that uses arrays

      When I removed this from the wsdl and xsd files, Eclipse was happy with both, and SoapUI was happy to import the wsdl.

      For information, the wsdl is generated by gSOAP 2.8.70 

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        Hi tomberry,

        Just in case you stumble across anything like invalid wsdls, wadls, xsd's or json schemas, theres lots of tools that include validators as well as parsers for wellformed checks. Freeware Notepad++ includes a plugin to do this but didnt provide line numbers for the invalid content. xmlspy does include line number details of invalid content however and is always my tool or choice for checking if files are wellformed and valid.