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8 years ago

Why is soapUI losing cookies?

It looks like I'm losing cookies when I have two cookies with the same name, but different paths.


I have one test step that sends a request and gets some cookies returned..


Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=0000zA5-Yel7MqhO64NsKFpI21h:18n6ntjiq; HTTPOnly; Path=/; Secure
Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=00006vh9qZZz3vgC3SwG4IQlVGv:18n6ntjiq; HTTPOnly; Path=/; Secure


(3 more individual cookies set, but no concern about those)


Set-Cookie: ENV-persist=ENVA;expires=Thu, 05-Jan-2017 22:50:52 GMT;path=/account;
Set-Cookie: ENV-persist=ENVA;expires=Thu, 05-Jan-2017 22:50:52 GMT;path=/login;


the next step calls the URI /account/v1/details, so I expect to see the ENV-persist=ENVA cookie sent in the request, but I don't.



Those two duplicate JSESSIONIDs result in a single JSESSIONID -- and that's fine, (ignore those)

I'd like to know why ENV-persist isn't sent along in the call, when I should expect one.


Any idea what's causing this?

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