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4 years ago

When running mock server creating a new request does not work

Sometimes when I start the mock server and I want to create a new request or clone a previous one to add to the project it's not adding it correctly.

Normally a new item is added to the list of requests but the new requests are not visible.

If I reload the project the new requests do show up in the list but the content is empty instead of a request based on the wsdl.


SoapUI 5.6.0

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  • Just wondering if you found any resolution to your issue.   I am having similar issue when I create new Soap project from external WSDL.    It succeeds but generated new requests are all empty XML payloads.

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      I have not found a solution yet for this issue.

      When the mock server is not running the issue isn't present.

      I also don't have an issue creating request messages in a new project or when importing the wsdl (either from local or via url).