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7 years ago

What would cause soapuios#####.jar files to fill in my TEMP directory and not be cleaned up?

It seems when I open SoapUI as soon as I open it the Temp directory fills with about 14 different soapuios23412432143.jar files. They do not overwrite, and are not cleaned up after a project is opened or run, or when the project closes or at all.


Every time SoapUI.exe is opened it adds 14 more of these .jar files to the Temp folder. Than eventually it fills the C:\ drive unless we manually go and delete these files from the Temp directory.


We are using SoapUI version 5.4.0 and the Temp folder is located at C:\Users\user1\AppData\Local\Temp


Also here is a screen shot of the actual files:

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    Seeing similar behaviour too. 100GB on a machine we use to perform automated runs.

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      Hi, I didn't get any resolution of the issue sorry. But I can report that removing the files went fine without interrupting our box. It might be worth moving them to a temporary temporary folder before permanently deleting, but in our case I decided to just wing it and delete everything.

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        Really strange. Will try it when I get chance.
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    You can try to limit read access to the folder C:\Users\<LOGIN>\.soapuios\plugins and it should solve few problems. This one and additionally:

        at Source)