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11 years ago

What determine namespace when JSON is converted to XML

I am using SoapUI Pro 5.0.0 (non trial)

I have two REST calls I'm making to the same endpoint. This is done from different test cases in different test suites.

The endpoint is defined in a project level property and is The actual test step references the project property as the endpoint.

I am under the impression that the request endpoint determines the namespace of the XML when JSON is converted to XML. This cannot be correct as that is not the behavior I'm seeing.

The first response gets the namespace of ""
The second response gets the namespace of ""

I should note that "" is a valid endpoint for the request, but is not the endpoint being used.

My questions is thus why is this happening?
Does SoapUI actually use something different from the request endpoint when determining the namespace and for some reason my specific setup of servers is causing this to differ?

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  • Hi,

    There was a change in SoapUI 5.0.0 to use the "originalURI" to fix an issue with XML to JSON conversion.

    How is this impacting your usage of SoapUI? Are you using any XPATH assertions? If so, you may need to update the namespace being used by reselecting the xpath with the xpath editor. Please see this forum post as well viewtopic.php?f=4&t=23977.
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    Thank you for the informative response. This is affecting my testing as I've been using properties in my namespace declarations during property transfers in order to circumvent how our URL's change as we cross environments.

    Can you please expand on what you mean by "originalURI" please? I haven't turned up much googling around.
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      Can somebody please provide an elaborated view on this.


      This is really affecting our test cases as we run them on different endpoints.

      I need to validate the namespace and not give wildcard.

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        Recommend you to create new topic with more details about the specific problem of yours.