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6 years ago

Validate availability of atleaset one item

After doing some basic scripting like this 

def response = context.expand( '${Request 1#Response}' ).toString()
def slurper = new JsonSlurper()
def json = slurper.parseText response

def courseType = json.result.courseType )


I got the out put somthing like this where each note is having few course types.

I need to validate whether each group contains  "General English" on it.



Fri Aug 17 14:22:04 IST 2018:INFO:[["General English","40+","Exams","Academic","Cambridge","Teacher Training"], ["Cambridge","Academic","Exams","General English"], ["General English","Academic","Business","Exams","Cambridge","40+"], ["General English","Cambridge","Exams","Academic","Teacher Training"], ["General English","Cambridge","Exams","Teacher Training","Business"], ["Business","Cambridge","Academic","Exams","General English"], ["General English","40+","Exams","Academic","Cambridge","Teacher Training"], ["General English","Exams","Academic","Cambridge"], ["General English","Exams"]]4



  • courseType.each { assert it.contains("General English") }

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    courseType.each { assert it.contains("General English") }
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      Few minuts ago i did the same but little bit different way, But your answer is correct.

      Thanks again.