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7 years ago

Using wildcards in Contains Assertion

Hi all


I am brand new to SoapUI and am trying to start with some basic coverage.  The problem I am currently having is I am trying to assert the contents of an XML response but it contains data that varies.  I had hoped I could use a wildcard to ignore the relevant section of the response but I can't see how I can do this.


Here is an example of the content I am trying to assert:

<option id="1" bid="1" rv="2" desc="Standard cover" monthly="£10.00" annual="£120.00">No</option>

<option id="2" bid="1" rv="2" desc="Better cover" monthly="£20.00" annual="£240.00">Yes</option>


The premium is what varies, I need to assert what comes before and after it in a single assert (I need to tie the Yes/No together with the option ID).  Can this be done?


Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.





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