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4 years ago

URL list from manual test step

I am trying to get URL list from Manual test step. Like here:


Option Description

DescriptionShows the specified test step’s description.
Expected ResultShows the description of the expected result.
ResultSpecifies the actual result of performing test actions.
Note:ReadyAPI saves the result to the Result property for a later analysis.
URL listThe list of URLs to any relevant resources (for example, shared screenshots).
Result StatusThe result of a test step:
  • Fail – ReadyAPI marks the test step as failed.

  • Pass – ReadyAPI marks the test step as passed.

  • Unknown – ReadyAPI does not mark the test step.

In my soap ui I got after step execution, in test case log
Step n [stepName] timeTaken 0000
-> blah blah blah
->URL: xxxxxx
->URL: yyyyyy

when I tried to access it by using   *.getProperty("Result").value gives me only result but not URL ("blah blah blah")
also length of Result value is 15 instead of well twice as much.

So Is there a way to get this or I need to use custom step? -probably groovy and jswing to achieve similar

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