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4 years ago

Upload an audio file



I would like to attach an audio file in a SOAP request.
I would like to place this file at a specific location in the request but I can't.
Here is the location in the request where I would like to drop the file:

<xsd:location>Here the message.mp3 file i want to upload</xsd:location>

I don't have a server installed on my pc.(XXX is because i prefer hide the ip)
If I do "attach" and select a file, I don't know where it will be placed in the request.
It seems to me that once the file is uploaded, I should have something like this instead:



if I click on "attachment" and then select a file, when I select the drop-down list in the "part" column, the cid is not present either.

i've tried this method:


To specify a MTOM attachment:

  1. Set the Enable MTOM request property to true.
  2. Add a file to the Attachments tab as it was described above.
  3. In the Part column, select the cid identifier that your request body specifies



I hope you will understand my request

thank you in advance for your help because I'm stuck here.

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    Hey David35,

    I might be misunderstanding your issue, but i'll try and help cos no one's responded to this as yet.

    How you attach or embed a file within a SOAP request is surely defined by the functional requirements and so id expect the tags within your payload xml to lead you to determine the actual fact id expect the requirements to indicate if you attach the file MTOM, etc. or embed the file, whether you base64 encode the file, etc.

    So! What do the requirements say?

    Can you publish the payload xml?