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6 years ago

Unable to launch SoapUI 5.4.0


I'm unable to lauch Soap ui 5.4.0. After installation, the splash screen showed and after that the ui didn't turn up even after a long waiting.


I have Soap ui 5.3.0 also running in my system. Does this have any impact in launch 5.4.0?


Please help to resolve.

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    Yes, May be you already have older version installed in your system why don't you just upgrade the version through the older tool directly?

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      I am running into the same issue. Freshly installed v5.4.0 on my mac machine running in Sierra.

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        I mean to say, Uninstall 5.3.0 version of Ready API first and then try to install. Again if it doesn't work then go to this path :- bin\soapUI-Pro-5.2.0.vmoptions and set the following. There is a problem with your memory settings.


        set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Xms128m -Xmx768m