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8 months ago

Unable to dump file upon executing Rest Request in Soap UI

I'm unable to dump the response file upon executing Restful  Request in Soap UI, Dump File and Max Size are specified. Please advise. 

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  • Hello htereshchenko 

    What seems to be the problem?  Do you get some error message that states you could not dump a response file?  What is your dump file and where did you specify it?


    There are a few locations on a response for a "dump" file...  Right clicking in the "JSON" tab of the  response allows you to "Save as..."  Is that what you consider a dump file?  Right clicking in the "http log" along the bottom of the generally available tabs yields an "Export to File" menu item.  Is that what you consider a dump file?  We can advise with a little more help from you on where you specified the dump file at.


    Running your test from a command line will produce a file of request/response for every RESTfull request in the test that is run.  You could consider those a dump file.


    Those are the locations for dump files that I can think of.   Whenever I need a dump file, I choose to write a groovy script that takes the response (or raw response) and write it to a file...

    def response = context.expand( '${HTTP Request Step#Response}' ); "response=>" + response.toString() + "<";
    {write response string to file}




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      Thank you for the quick turnaround on my request, Todd.

      My dump file is "ValuationResponse.txt" located at H:\Downloads and I specified it in the In the "Request Properties" panel window scroll down to the property "Dump File" property of the he "Request Properties" panel. So, my expectation is that upon executing the test cases comprising the Rest request where "Dump File" property is specifies, the full response (being displayed in the Raw view on the Response panel) will be saved to the file "ValuationResponse.txt".
      But it's not the case and the file "ValuationResponse.txt remains empty.

      See attachment,


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        Hello htereshchenko 


        Sorry, I could not reproduce the non population of a dump file...


        I updated to the latest version of SoapUI (5.7.2).

        I specified a dump file for a REST Request

        I executed the test step that was the REST Request

        I got content in the file that I specified as the dump file (json response only, not the whole content of the raw tab).


        The only thing I noticed that was different from your picture is that the Encoding in the Request Properties is UTF-8.  Also, Max Size was 0 instead of 1 million.  When I removed UTF-8 and set Max Size to 1000000, I still got output to file.  ğŸ˜ž


        Are you sure you have write capability to the drive and folder you specified?  Maybe try a different folder and see what happens.  Also see if anything displays in the SoapUI log or error log that could shed some light on why data is not written.


        Sorry I could not help your situation.





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    Do you notice any error in log for not able to write? Is H drive mapped to a network shared drive or local drive. See by changing the location if it helps.