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7 years ago

Trusted certificate for SOAP Mock service



I am trying to mock the SOAP service which my client used to interact. The service is mocked to be able to tweak the responses. The service is well established and I am using the WSDL file available to mock soapUI service with no changes.


Next thing is I have now enabled the SSL on this service in soapUI. The problem is that my client (which I do not want to change) does not accept the self signed certificates of mock soapUI service and is failing during handshake.


What I would like to know from you guys is,

A. What's the best way to get CSR file out of mock soapUI service. I could feed it and get trusted certificate from some CA.

B. How to make soapUI mock service to read the newly generated trusted certificate as against default self signed one.


I am sure this is not a new problem but could not find specific answers to my questions. And if you have better ways solving this problem please enlighten me.




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