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5 years ago

testRunner /context Objects of test case level in Groovy Script


I have read some web posts regarding what testRunner and  context is respectively.


I have two concerns.

1. please confirm if below bully points are correct

  • When a test case run is triggered, a context object is created along with a testRunner object at the same time.
  • In a test case run duration, there is only one context and testRunner object exist all the time
  • testrunner is used to control the test steps' run and is a container holding all test steps exection result; context is used to manage properties of test case run. They can accessible from each other.

2. In the test case java doc, there is a run method defination  run(StringToObjectMap context, boolean async) 

In this snapshot, the test case "TestCase_EndToEnd" run is called from the test step "Groovy Script - Data Loop" with highlighted two clauses. The upper one doesn't work; the lower one works.


My question is that, does the first map-typed argument of run method refers to the same context object during the test case run?




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