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3 years ago

Tesing Soap Calls

HI Team, 


I am new to the api development or testing.

we have a solution exchange server and i need to test the apis using soap calls, I have WSDL, .pfx cert file and password . 

How do I enter these into SoapUI to make my request and get a response. ? 


Also can i test these soap calls in Python?


Thanks in Advance 


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    Hey gauthami,

    The summary answer is as follows:

    Import the .wsdl which will dynamically generate your Soap calls based on the .wsdl content.

    Once youve gotyour .wsdl loaded, youve said your calls use certificates so follow these instructions to enable the cert auth on your soap calls.

    Get as far as you can and reply with any problems. Might take a bit of bsck and forth, but we should be able to set you up fine