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6 years ago

Suddenly soapUI get hangged and my project gets currupted

Suddenly soapUI got hang and my project got corrupted. It was my whole 6 days efforts. If someone of you is answerable for this then please try to help me out this unexpected problem? It is very big loss for me.. I dont understand if soapUi is getting hanged then why it is corruting my project which is stored the hard disk itself? why???? i must say this is a ridiculous thing happened in my carrier.... 

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    What was going on when it hung?  Were you running Groovy script?


    I've noticed that if I run test cases and leave the Request/Response window open, it usually hangs.  I then have to kill SoapUI thru Task Manager and restart it.  I've lost any changes, so I've learned to Save All before running and hopefully I remember to close the Request/Response window.  This occurs on Open Source versions 4.5.0 and 5.5.0.  My script is for data driven testing and it loops, but it will hang either immediately or after 1 loop.

    You can see a video of this, which just happened to me earlier this week, on YouTube

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      So far I don't see any solutions. it's happened to me many times.  I have tried many options but so far no proper solutions. ( the below I have used so far )

      Solutions 1: Increased memory size to 1GB 

      parameter : -Xms1024m

      locations : C:\Program Files\SmartBear\SoapUI-5.3.0\bin\SoapUI-5.4.0.vmoptions"

      Solutions 2: Enabled Autosave after 20 mins and before Autosave create a backup file ( atlist backup copy is not corrupted)  

      Solutions 3: Disabled autoSave options. and start using Save when I wanted to save

      Solutions 4: Disabled and closed unused project in your current workspace.

      Solutions 5: If you are running big load ( data-driven test ) where many loops are running, run this project with testRunner batch mode 

      Solutions 6: If your testSuite is running and you are doing any test Parallel please stop doing this. Many times it got hanged while sending request/response.  


      with combinations of 3,4,5, I found you will never have faced any issue. but I make mistake and soapUi hanged and Project filled with null null null ( which can't be reverted back )