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9 years ago

Stack overflow during grovy assertion

I am doing message response assertion using a simple groovy script (since I have to massage the pattern against which I compare before I can do the actual comparison). I then always had non-matching responses. After adding a try-catch around the assert I was finally able to figure out that there is a stack-overflow in the assertion - see below.


Now, our messages are indeed somewhat complex but they matche (as I found out using RegExpBuddy) and it should be possible to match them using regular expressions.


I tried to enlargestack the stackspace by editing the coresponding java options in soapui.bat but unfortunately that didn't change anything. How/where can I enlarge the stack space given to the embedded groovy assertions?





try {
   assert response =~ pattern

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    It would be more helpful if you can pass the response and which value needs to be matched against what pattern.
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      For some reasons these stack-overflows diappeared again. Guess it had to do with me having simplified the regexp a bit...

      Thanks for respondng anyway.