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15 years ago

SoapUI to Load test WCF services using Net TCP Binding

Hello All,

  This is my first post here.. I fiddling around with SoapUI trying to test my WCF services which are using NetTcpBinding.. my questions is: Does SoapUI support testing of Wcf services which are using NetTCPBinding? If not is there a work around/Suggestion to load test wcf services using NetTCPBinding. Looking forward for your inputs on this. Thanks in advance for all the help.


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    sorry, soapUI does not yet support the NetTcpBinding in WCF.


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    Hi Ole,
    We are using this as well in one of our projects. Can you give an idea if and when this would be implemented in soapUI. If you can reply quickly, it will allow us to weigh our options.


  • Hi,
    It's been two years since the last response in this topic.
    Any solution in this topic?

  • Does anyone know if SoapUI supports testing a WCF service communicating over Net TCP?
  • Hi,

    This is being considered for a future release. Currently this is not supported out of the box.
  • Hi,

    That link points to TestComplete documentation, so that is applicable to TestComplete.
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      Its been 4 years since the last post. Are we now having the feature of Testing WCF net.tcp protocol using SoapUI /SoapUI Pro?