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6 years ago

Soapui-settings.xml hidden (Access Denied)

Hello everyone, sorry to bother you,


Sorry if this question has already been asked, I've checked mutliple thread but I don't find any answer to my issue.


Here is my problem :


Everytime I want to change any option in : File > Preference > Editor Settings menu, I've always the same message(screen1) : " : C:\User\XXX\soapui-settings.xml (acces denied)"


I've checked the logs :

  • Fri Nov 30 10:34:09 CET 2018:ERROR:An error occurred [C:\Users\apain\soapui-settings.xml (Accès refusé)], see error log for details.

Error logs (screen2)


I'm a bit stuck here... If anyone can help it would be great...


Thanks for the read and for your help.








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    you can try couple things:

    • First, make sure that the soapui-settings.xml actually exists in your user path (C://User/XXX)
    • Second, check that the "Read only" option is not checked (right click the soapui-settings.xml)
    • If none of these work, try restart your PC (to prevent that file is locked by other process) and reinstall soapui


    Hope you find a sollution with this.