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8 years ago

SoapUI REST webservice mock with path parameters

I am trying to create a mock webservice for a POST method on SoapUI. I made a REST Project, then created a MockService, a MockAction and defined a couple responses and resource paths. It works fine if I define a fixed regular path relative to my Service, for example method/postmethod to be invoked at http://localhost:8080/method/post, it works well.

What I want to do, however, is define my method with path parameters, such as this: http://localhost:8080/method/{par1}/{par2}/{par3}/post. The application we want to test, which will be invoking our mock service, uses this type of parameter extensively, so we cannot just create one method for each possible combination.

Is it possible to define a mock POST method with that type of path parameter? Is it possible to parse the parameters and use them in the output response? If yes, then how?