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    While we wait to listen from the SmartBear team, what happens when you try the workaround given in the link you have provided? Did it help?
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      Hi. For my specific use case, where I am using the soapui library from within a unit test, the following two-part workaround solves it for me:


      1. Add this dependency exclusion to the pom.xml:




      2. Disable analytics:


      com.eviware.soapui.SoapUI.getSettings().setBoolean(UISettings.DISABLE_ANALYTICS, true);


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        I didn't spend a bunch of  time on it, but when I tried building on the default java installed on ubuntu 18.04 when using apt, which appeared to be jdk11, I got an error about this 1.5 source in soapui/soapui/pom.xml:




        It could have been unrelated to jdk11 but I was able to build using jdk8.  This was version 5.6.0-SNAPSHOT from the github repo by the way.