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2 years ago

SoapUI Github repository

Hello dear community, I am new in the open source scene, but I have a professional interest that Soapui is updated and developed further.

Unfortunately I noticed that there has been no release for over a year and also no issues and merge requests are processed.

What is the status here? is there a lack of staff? a lack of budget? have the original maintainers of the project lost interest?


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    Here is SoapUI official github repository:


    It would be great to community do some step up to get some relevant things available for SoapUI open source. There is already pull request to fix this mildly annoying bug to detect correct response editor based on content type. Now in latest 5.7.0 version SoapUI pretty much always prefers to show raw response data as first.


    However biggest issue that I see personally is that SoapUI Open Source does not support OpenAPI3.x.x. OpenAPI3 has been available for a long time and it should be included to SoapUI open source.