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5 years ago

SoapUI: Anyone able to connect to Azure Portal using SoapUI: REST ?

Anyone able to connect to the Azure Portal using SoapUI : REST ? 


I have a REST SoapUI project that from a POST will generate files, etc in the Azure Portal.

I need to access the Azure Portal (hopefully with SoapUI using Azure REST API calls to access

the specific areas.


Any help here would be very much appreciated 🙂



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    Adding more description to the problem I am trying to figure out.


    I am looking to see how with SoapUI to create the request into the Azure Portal and then be able to take advantage of the Azure REST APIs available for use.



    The Block here for me is for this Request -- because I am sure the Header and Bearer will need the auth tokenid to access the Azure Portal just like the concept of logging into the Azure Portal UI side.. You as a user are authenticated by the Azure AD and then allowed access.  So what would I need to put in my POST or GET request header/bearer\etc.  to mimic this Azure Portal authentication? 


    RFC 6749: 


    Setting up OAuth 2.0 may be the area of interest I need to figure out for Azure Portal access ?
    Also, trying to figure out if I need to register open source SoapUI with the Azure Portal 

    to include the needed values for the OAuth 2.0 to be accepted correctly.


    By sending the Request w/ OAuth 2.0 correctly, I believe I would then get a tokenID back which I can then

    put into my SoapUI REST request :  Authentication included in the Header with Bearer containing this tokenID.


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      Replying back to this thread on my steps to finally get the Bearer token for the Azure AD:


      I followed a YouTube example on Azure REST API using PostMan on going through the steps in the Azure Portal

      ( )


      I App registered SoapUI, created the secret_id, and I got my IT to add my registered app (SoapUI) in the subscription I test against with the role of Contributor.


       Now I was in business to get my Azure AD Bearer Token:


      In SoapUI, for my Request -> Auth Tab

      Added a New Authorization

         Type: OAuth 2.0

         Profile name:   AzureADBearerToken


      On the config window:

         OAuth 2 Flow:   Client Credentials:  Grant

         Client Identification:   ###############

         Client Secret:  #############

         Access Token URI:


         fill in your tenet_id obtained from Azure Portal




      Click ‘Get Access Token’


      Access Token:  text box in SoapUI should get populated with your Azure AD Bearer Token

      Now you have the Bearer Token when needed for Request